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Schwob School of Music

Schwob School of Music

Concert Scheduling and Management


This web page will assist you as you wish to book rehearsals and performances in the various venues within the Schwob School of Music Saunders Center for Music Studies. You will also find guidelines for submitting material for concert programs, as well as the various policies and requirements for any rehearsals or performances booked in these facilities.

Student Recitals

Most student recitals are those required in partial completion of a degree or certificate within the music program. Please note that even student recitals that are not presented for degree requirements must go through similar approval channels, and that includes the steps for booking performance and rehearsal times, as well as program submission.

Student Recital Bookings and Forms

Faculty and Guest Artist Recitals

Any performance given by faculty or guest artists should be coordinated with the Concert Manager. The following page will direct you how to request rehearsal and performance times and venues, and provide a way to submit your concert program.

Faculty/Guest Artist Bookings and Forms