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The Joyce and Henry Schwob School of Music

Conservatory Model Curriculum

Effective Fall 2015

  1. How is the new "conservatory model" curriculum different from the current curriculum?
    Students will receive more academic credit for studio lessons and performances they are already doing. Certain required university classes will focus specifically on music students, creating deeper connections between the academic core and our music degrees. For example, the wellness requirement can now be satisfied by a class specifically designed for musicians to help prevent injury.
  2. Does this mean the Schwob School of Music is now a conservatory and no longer part of CSU?
    The Schwob School of Music remains an integral part of Columbus State University and an academic unit of the College of the Arts. This means students are fully eligible for the HOPE scholarship, the Honors College, and all of the other benefits of university life. Students will still take non-music classes that require writing, critical thinking, and math and science skills, as we believe strongly in graduating well-rounded students prepared for the 21st century marketplace. Students will still receive undergraduate degrees from Columbus State University after satisfying all requirements. Honors students should find it easier to participate fully in the range of academic experiences sponsored by CSU's Honors College under the new curriculum.
  3. Can you still major in music education at CSU?
    Absolutely. The new conservatory model curriculum applies to the music education degree as well as the performance degree. Music Education majors, along with performance majors, will benefit from the adjustment that allows for some required university classes to focus specifically on music students.
  4. How does this impact current students?
    The conservatory model curriculum takes effect with the 2015-16 academic catalog. Students who entered prior to 2015-16 have the option of graduating under the old catalog or updating their program to the new catalog. Either way, there is no impact upon the time to graduation.