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The Joyce and Henry Schwob School of Music

Friday Convocation Attendance

In this component, you are required to attend the Convocation on Fridays from 2:30 to 3:20 pm. The format of Convocation is usually that of a recital, with several students performing shorter works or movements. Once in a while a guest artist will present a master class or a presentation during convocation. Occasionally Honors and Masters students will present their projects, and usually once in a semester there will be a session on academic advising during the Convocation hour.

You must be on time for convocation, and you must stay for the entire class period. Your attendance at Convocation will be taken. You must check in at the station where attendance is logged (usually a checklist) , with a student assistant, as you enter and leave.  Concert etiquette is observed at Convocation: there is applause between pieces, but not between movements. There are NO cell phones permitted, and the audience is expected to be respectful and supportive of all the performers. It is not necessary to dress up to attend Convocations. (However, see the schedule below for one exception to the dressing-up rule).

You must attend 9 of the thirteen Fridays in the semester. If you are performing, you do get credit for attending the convocation. You will need to be early for convocation, since it will take time to check every attendee in. Do not be late, or you may lose your attendance for that day! Never assume that convo is cancelled. If for any reason it is cancelled, you would find that information on this page, or on the Cougarview for MUSC 1000. For further details of Convocation attendance, see the syllabus and explanations on the Cougarview page for MUSC 1000.

General Attendance Requirements

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