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The Joyce and Henry Schwob School of Music

General Convocation Attendance

In this component, you are required to attend five (5) performances other than the Friday convocation times. You may not in this case count performances in which you yourself perform. If you are working as an usher or a stage manager, you may count those performances toward your recital attendance. A list is posted on Cougarview and on Dr. Hansen's office door of approved Schwob recitals. Individual student recitals DO NOT count for credit toward your convo requirement. (Be aware that many applied instructors do require attendance at specific student recitals, though!) You should examine the list carefully; it will be updated as any eligible events are added (although this is not likely) or in case there is an event cancellation. The wise student would find five performances right away and put them in her/his planner, so as not to end up stuck at the end of the semester. This is an exercise in your time management; the trick (besides the benefits you will get as a musician from attending) is to see if you can plan ahead and manage your busy student life to include five master performances.

You may also opt to use performances from the Department of Theatre, the Columbus Symphony, the Atlanta Symphony, the Springer Opera House, and art exhibitions in the CSU Department of Art. Carson McCullers events are also accepted, as are events at Pasaquan. In these cases, keep your event ticket. Write your name in pen on the ticket and turn it in to Dr. Hansen's office. If there is no ticket, take a selfie that shows you and the event clearly (make sure it's an acceptable time to take a selfie) and email to Dr. Hansen.

Once again, you must be on time for performances. You should locate the checklist, marked by a graduate assistant, in the lobby near the concert venue. You must check in before the recital and check out after the recital. You MAY NOT receive attendance credit if the concert in question has you performing on stage. In order to get properly checked in, you should be early! If you are late, you will not receive attendance credit! Check the syllabus and information on Cougarview for MUSC 1000 for more details, and to see your updated recital attendance in the Gradebook.

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Recitals posted on the Cougarview page and on Dr. Hansen's door.