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This page contains information for those students who are registered for MUSC 1000 and for those who wish to perform in the Music Convocation venue.

For Students Registered for MUSC 1000:

Convocation is one of the few times when a majority of thestudents within the Schwob School of Music are gathered in one performing space. This is an excellent opportunity for every musician to learn and re-learn what makes a good performer (as you observe performances), what constitutes musical progress (as you hear your colleagues perform again and again over the years), how to listen to new or unfamiliar music, and how to be a supportive and constructive coach (to oneself or one's peers).

All students seeking undergraduate music degrees within the Schwob School of Music will be required to attend six semesters of convocation and receive a grade of Satisfactory each time. It is not difficult to succeed in this task; it only requires a minimum of planning and responsibility on your part. Convocation is an attendance-based lab, in three parts.

You may also consult these materials in Cougarview under the course MUSC 1000, and that is the location to submit any required work.

Part 1: Friday Convocation

Part 2: General Recital Attendance (Refer to Cougarview for the approved list of recitals and detailed requirements)

Part 3: Learning Modules (refer to Cougarview)

Syllabus for MUSC 1000 (refer to Cougarview)

For Performers:

The opportunity to perform before one's own peers can be an extremely valuable experience, one which can be shared by as many students as possible.

Guidelines for Performers

 Information on specific performers is posted on bulletin boards around the School of Music, in the week prior to the performance.

Click here for the convocation performance request form.

Friday Dates and Programs

  • August 24: Required for ALL MUSIC MAJORS
  • August 31: Required for all students registered for MUSC 1000 (Studio Theatre)
  • September 7 (Regular performances may begin)
  • September 14 (Panel discussion led by Prof. Abramov)
  • September 21: Music Ed Majors all meet in 1719; all others regular performances in Studio Theatre
  • September 28
  • October 5: Phi Mu Alpha performances
  • October 12 (Studio Theatre and 1714)
  • October 19
  • October 28: Guest quartet performance(no student performances)
  • November 2
  • November 9
  • November 16 (Studio Theatre and 1714)
  • November 30 (Legacy Hall and 1714)