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Schwob School of Music

Schwob School of Music

2019 Guitar Symposium Competition

February 23 - 24, 2019

  • Free-choice program for all divisions.
  • In addition to cash prizes, finalists in every division will receive sheet music from Les Productions d'Oz, as well as merchandise from Savarez.
  • 1st prize winners in each division will receive a new guitar by luthiers Chai Di or Renjun Fang.

Division I: Collegiate/Professional (no age limit)

(Program: 1st round - 7 minutes, 2nd round - 7 minutes, Finals - 10 minutes)

1st place - The Martinez Prize $2,000 and a Kenny Hill Performance Model Guitar by Martinez (estimated value $5,000)

2nd place - $900

3rd place -$600

4th place - $500

Division II: Grades 9 - 12

(Program: 6 minutes, both rounds)

1st place - $800 and a guitar by luthier Chai Di (estimated value $5,000)

2nd place - $500

3rd place - $400

Division III: Grades 8 and under

(Program: 4 minutes, both rounds)

1st place - $600 and a guitar by luthier Renjun Fang (estimated value $3,000)

2nd place - $400

3rd place - $300

Participation Fee: $130

Three players will be selected from Divisions II and III, to participate in the final round. In the case of Division I, 10 competitors will be chosen to play in a semifinal round. Of them, 4 finalists will be chosen to perform in the final round. Competitors will be evaluated on their technique, musicianship, and overall presentation. Judges comments will not be made available to competitors. Competitors are encouraged to inquire for comments from the judges directly only after the competition has ended.

Choice of music is entirely at the discretion of the competitor.  A competitor may perform the same or different music from round to round without penalty. It is expected that every competitor's choice of music fits within the time allowed for each round. If a competitor exceeds the given time allotted, that competitor will be asked to stop but at no penalty to his/her evaluation. All judges' decisions are final.

Parents: All masterclass and competition events are free and open to parents, relatives and well wishers. Tickets for the evening concerts can be purchased at the RiverCenter box office.

Contact: Dr. Andrew Zohn, Symposium Director or (706) 649-7295

This symposium is made possible in part by:



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