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Percussion Ensemble

The percussion ensemble was established in 2001 as an official part of the university ensemble curriculum. It has since performed all over the state of Georgia, at GMEA and various Southeastern regional conferences presenting a wide variety of pieces from the traditional repertoire to World Premieres of contemporary works. The ensemble has collaborated with many faculty soloists and the University Chorale, as in performances of Stravinsky's Les Noces and Antheil's Ballet Mécanique.

Percussion Ensemble 2013


Repertoire performed since 2001

Composer: Piece:

Mario Davidovsky

Synchronisms No. 5

Edgard Varese Ionisation

Eric Moe* I Have Only One Itching Desire [World Premiere]
Down the Stream Merrily

Gerard Grisey


John Parcell*

Crazyhorse Concerto for Trumpet and Percussion Ensemble [World Premiere]

Matthew Welch*

The Self and the Other Double Concerto for Piano and Bagpipes with Percussion Ensemble [World Premiere]
The Favrile Opalescence for Bagpipes and Percussion Ensemble [World Premiere]

Allen Houston

Concert Piece in Three Movements*
Concerto for Timpani and Percussion Ensemble

Christopher Rouse Ku-ka-ilimoku

Howard Buss

Dream Sequence for Solo Trombone and Percussion Quartet

Lynn Glassock

Between the Lines

David Gillingham

Spiritual Dances for solo clarinet and Percussion Ensemble
Return to Innocence
Normandy Beach
Sacrificial Rite
Stained Glass
Paschal Dances (watch)

John Cage

First Construction
Third Construction

George Crumb

An Idyll for the Misbegotten: for Amplified Flute and Percussion Ensemble
The Winds of Destiny: A Cycle of American Civil War Songs,Folk Songs,and Spirituals for Singer, Percussion Quartet and Amplified Piano**

Nigel Westlake The Invisible Men for Percussion Quartet and Silent Film
Omphalo Centric Lecture 

Michael Burritt

Timeless for solo percussion and Percussion Ensemble

David Lang

Little Eye for solo cello and Percussion Quartet

Ney Rosauro

Concerto No. 1 for Marimba and Percussion Ensemble

G.H. Green

Jovial Jasper
The Whistler
Chromatic Foxtrot
Charlestown Capers (watch)
Ragtime Robin (watch)
Log Cabin Blues
Dill Pickles
Spanish Waltz
The Hummingbird
Keep Movin'
Rainbow Ripples (watch)
Stop Time

Pat Metheny

Phase Dance

André Jolivet

Suite en Concert

Max Lifchitz

Rhythmic Soundscape No. 5

Dave Hollinden

The Whole Toy Laid Down (watch)
Surface Tension

Lou Harrison Canticle No. 3
Fifth Percussion Symphony for Percussion Quartet
Mass to St. Anthony

William Albright

Take That

Gioachino Rossini

The William Tell Overture [arr. Houllif]

Dave Samuels

Square Corners

Steve Reich

Music for Pieces of Wood
Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices, and Organ
Double Sextet
Six Marimbas
Clapping Music
Nagoya Marimbas
Mallet Quartet (watch)
2 x 5

Carlos Chavez


John Beck

Concerto for Drum Set and Percussion Ensemble

Brian Cherney* Une Petite Histoire de Gestes [World Premiere]
In Gottes Gärten Schweigen die Engel [World Premiere]

Michael Daugherty

Used Car Salesman (watch)

Bob Becker Mudra  
Away Without Leave (watch)

James Tenney


Jim David Shifting Cells [World Premiere]**
Locomotive Gerion [arr. Vaillancourt] for solo alto saxophone and percussion ensemble* [World Premiere]
L'Oiseau dans l'espace for solo alto saxophone and percussion ensemble* [World Premiere]

Frank Zappa

The Black Page [Arr. Haas] (watch)

George Antheil

Ballet Mécanique

Igor Stravinsky

Les Noces

Charles Griffin The Persistence of Past Chemistries
Fist Through Traffic
for Saxophone and Percussion Ensemble
Christopher Deane Vespertine Formations

Mark Ford

Head Talk
One Eyed Jacks

Nico Muhly*

Ta and Clap (watch)
I Shudder To Think [World Premiere]**

Traditional Fife and Drum

Three Camps, or Points of War-Reveille
Downfall of Paris
Hell on the Wabash
The Girl I left Behind Me
Just Before the Battle,Mother
Bonnie Blue Flag
Rally 'Round the Flag

Stephen Rush

Mas Fuerte

Yo Goto

Invisibles Pass By

Phil Richardson


Robert Xavier Rodriguez

El Dia de los Muertos

Sergio Assad

Asphalt Jungle [World Premiere]

Eckhard Kopetzki

Exploration of Time

Giacinto Scelsi

I Riti: Ritual March for the Funeral of Achilles

Henry Cowell

Ostinato Pianissimo

Elliot Cole

Postlude 5
Postlude 6
Postlude 8 (listen)

Rüdiger Pawassar

Sculpture in Wood (listen)

Wayne Peterson

Perambulations (World Premiere)

Camille Saint-Saens

Danse Bacchanale (arr. Jason Baker)

Daniel McCarthy

Balance of Power

Alejandro Viñao

The Book of Grooves:
     I. A Spanish Groove
     II. Colours of a Groove

Jacob T.V.


Keiko Abe

Wind Sketch II

Kevin Bobo

Hemispheres (watch)

Donald Grantham

Houston Strokes

Glenn Kotche

Clapping Music Variations

Dan Trueman

A Palimpsest [World Premiere]

Jason Treuting


Joseph Tompkins 

Blue Burn

Adam Silverman

Gasoline Rainbow

Paul Vaillancourt

Serengeti [World Premiere] in collaboration with the CSU Dance Conservatory

Ivan Trevino

Catching Shadows

Claude Debussy

The Children's Corner [Arr. M. Britt] (watch)

Wally Gunn

Double or Nothing

* Carson McCullers Resident Composer

The Invisible Men


The CSU Percussion Ensemble's yearly activities include tours to high schools programs and events across the state. Since 2001, the ensemble has performed at the following high schools and events:

2015 Spivey Hall at Clayton State University
2014 International Saxophone Symposium and Competition World Premiere of Dan Trueman's A Palimpsest 
2012 International Saxophone Symposium and Competition World Premiere of Dr. James M. David's L'Oiseau dans l'espace
2009 International Jordan Organ Competition
National American Saxophone Association Southeast Conference
Kennesaw Mountain High School
Walton High School
Columbus High School
Hardaway High School
Kell High School
Pope High School
Lassiter High School
Sprayberry High School
Houston County High School
Star's Mill High School
East Coweta High School
Georgia Day of Percussion-2002
GMEA In-Service Conference-2005
Clayton County Performing Arts Center
All-County Honor Bands, District 6-2007
Honor Bands of Georgia 2007-present