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Schwob School of Music

Schwob School of Music

Student Recital Booking

How to schedule your recital.

Legacy Hall

  1. Before the scheduling deadline, discuss with your applied professor and your pianist 3 dates and times that will work for all of you.
  2. Contact the Concert and Facilities Coordinator or Professor Kristen Hansen with the 3 dates and times that you work best for you. (;
  3. The coordinator will contact you with the date and time that works best in the schedule. (Remember, YOU are responsible for providing a stage manager and 2 ushers.)
  4. Complete the necessary recital forms.

How to submit your program for printing

  • At least 2 weeks prior to your recital, complete the Program Template. This will allow time to have program proofread and printed.
  • Include ALL information, including catalogue numbers (for example, K. numbers Op. numbers). You must also use the correct diacritical marks from the template.
  • Make sure you have all of the composer dates that are available.
  • Your professor will be asked to proofread - then the final copies will be placed in his/her mailbox.
  • The applied professor is responsible for bringing the programs to your recital.