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Technology Courses

Audio Technology Courses at the Schwob School of Music aim to enhance students' musicianship, creative abilities, and technological skill. The Minor in Audio Technology allows music majors to add advanced experience in new technologies to either the Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Arts degrees.

Any student enrolled in the Schwob School may sign up for any Audio Technology course regardless of their enrollment in the Audio Technology Minor, providing they have satisfied prerequisites or obtained instructor permission. A total of 18 semester hours are required for the Minor. Each course required for the Minor are listed below.

MUSC 2510 Fundamentals of Audio Technology

Prerequisite: MUSC 1214. An introduction to physical acoustics and physical properties of sound, wave mechanics, acoustic measurements, tuning, and temperament, perceptual properties of sound, microphone techniques, psychoacoustics, basic electricity, principles and practice of recording, and an overview of the recording studio.

MUSC 2511 Recording Technology 1

Prerequisite: MUSC 2510 with a "C" or better. An introduction to the basics of digital recording technology. Topics include digital recording systems, microphone design, microphone placement, and basic mixing technique.

MUSC 2512 Recording Technology 2

Prerequisite: MUSC 2511 with a "C" or better. Continuation of MUSC 2511. Topics include recording console theory and operation, advanced microphone design and techniques, signal processing and digital effects equipment, hard-disc recording and reproduction, multi-track recording, multi-channel mixing, signal processing, and issues in multiple microphone arrays and stereo imaging.

MUSC 3111 Computer Music 1

Prerequisite: MUSC 2512 with a "C" or better. Study of the essential components of MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) technology; synthesizer and sequencer capabilities; sequencer recording and editing, electroacoustic music, stylistic history of 20th/21st century musical performance using technology.

MUSC 3112 Computer Music 2

Prerequisite: MUSC 3311 with a "C" or better. Continuation of MUSC 3311. Introduction to object-oriented programming environments (Max/MSP), real-time audio synthesis (SuperCollider), and advanced use of DAW software for compositional and creative purposes.

MUSC 4*** Audio Technology Internship

Prerequisite: Enrollment in Audio Technology Minor, completion of MUSC 3111 and MUSC 2511. Enables students to work in a real-world environment and practice their audio technology skills towards project completion. Possible topics include album production, electroacoustic music composition, recording studio techniques, sound design for theatre or television, etc.

MUSC 4899 Senior Project

Prerequisite: Completion or co-enrollment in final coursework towards Audio Technology Minor or permission of instructor. May be completed in one or two semesters. Typically taken alongside a recital or as an independent study, the Senior Project in Audio Technology allows students time and access to the Schwob School's audio technology facilities to complete a large-scale project. Possible topics include album production, composition of an electroacoustic work to be performed on a recital, advanced work in electronics, interactive musical installations, film sound, etc.

MUSA 1215 Composition

Prerequisite: Departmental Approval. One-on-one Instruction on techniques and practices of musical composition, with a particular focus on the use of technology for composing new works. May be repeated for credit.

Professor McCabe is also available for independent study projects with students not enrolled in the Audio Technology Minor who wish to explore various topics in audio technology.