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Schwob School of Music

Schwob School of Music

Aural Skills Courses

The courses listed below fall under the umbrella of courses which improve audiation, or the ability to construe and comprehend written or imagined music accurately. All aural skills courses for undergraduates are listed in Area G of the Degree Requirements, and require each student to earn a grade of C or better in order to count toward degree completion.

MUSC 1314. Music Skills 1 (1-1-1) Prerequisite: Music major status or departmental approval. Corequisite: MUSC 1214. Aural skills and beginning keyboard skills. Introduction to diatonic melodies sung with solfege, simple and compound rhythms, and melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic dictation, coupled with beginning piano techniques, including triad accompaniments, scales, and reading facility. Offered every fall.

MUSC 1315. Music Skills 2 (0-3-1) Prerequisite: MUSC 1314; Co-requisite: MUSA 2313. A laboratory experience involving ear training, sight singing, and keyboard skills. Offered every spring.

MUSC 2301. Music Skills 3 (0-2-1) Prerequisite: MUSC 1315 with a "C" or better. A laboratory experience involving ear training, dictation, and sight-singing skills. Offered every fall.

MUSC 2302. Music Skills 4 (0-2-1) Prerequisite: MUSC 2301 with a "C" or better. Continuation of MUSC 2301 with topics paralleling content of MUSC 2202. Course includes sight-singing, dictation, rhythmic exercises. Offered every spring.