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Schwob School of Music

Schwob School of Music

Music Theory Courses

The courses under the music theory umbrella are listed below.

Undergraduate Courses
MUSC 1214. Music Theory 1 (1-1-1) Prerequisite: Music major status or department permission. Review of the fundamentals of pitch and rhythm, followed by study of Western harmony, including part-writing, modified species counterpoint and Roman numeral analysis. All students enrolled in the course must take a music reading examination to be completed no later than the first class meeting. Offered every fall semester.

MUSC 1215. Music Theory 2 (2-1-2) Prerequisites: MUSC 1214 and MUSC 1314. Principles of four-voice composition in common-practice style. Includes all diatonic chords, and seventh chords, and their inversions. Offered every spring semester.

MUSC 2201. Music Theory 3 (2-1-2) Prerequisite: MUSC 1215. Further techniques of modulation, chromatic harmony, and two- and three-part forms. Offered every fall semester.

MUSC 2202. Music Theory 4 (2-1-2) Prerequisite: MUSC 2201. Analytical and technical examination of the music of the 19th and 20th centuries, including forms and impressionist and atonal techniques. Offered every spring semester.

MUSC 3115. Counterpoint (2-0-2) Prerequisite: MUSC 2202. Examination and exploration of the techniques and disciplines of the best practices of 18th century counterpoint.

MUSC 3116. Form and Analysis (2-0-2) Prerequisite: MUSC 2202. Analytical method applied to standard and non-standard forms of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Offered every spring semester.

MUSC 3117. Instrumentation and Transcription (3-0-3) Prerequisite: MUSC 2202. Ranges and characteristics of band and orchestra instruments, and principles of arranging for vocal or instrumental ensembles. Offered every fall semester.

MUSC 4101. Composition 1 (2-0-2) Prerequisite: MUSC 2202. Techniques of composition. Simple exercises and short compositions. Offered every semester.

MUSC 4102. Composition 2 (2-0-2) Prerequisite: MUSC 4101. Emphasis on longer compositions for vocal or instrumental combinations. Offered every semester.

Graduate Courses
MUSC 6740. Graduate Theory Seminar (3-0-3) Specialized analytical techniques in Schenkerian and atonal theory. Offered every spring semester.