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Schwob School of Music

Schwob School of Music

Rehearsal Schedule

Date Wind Ensemble Wind Orchestra

September 16


(2:45-4:45 PM)


  • NOTE: The organ "chips" will have
  • to be raised before Weinberger,
  • which must be done with no one
  • on the stage. We will try to have
  • them raised before 2:45 so we
  • can start immediately on time.
  • Just be prepared to move
  • when asked if you are
  • warming up on stage.

2:45 PM Weinberger (w/organ)
3:15 PM Move chips back (all must leave stage)
3:20 PM de Meij
3:50 PM Bach
4:05 PM Bernstein

September 17

(2:45-5:15 PM)

2:45 PM Wagner
3:00 PM Gould
3:20 PM Reed
4:10 PM Break
4:20 PM Daugherty
4:45 PM Strauss

September 18

(2:45-4:45 PM)

Band Room
Schedule TBD based on Moday Rehearsal

September 19

(2:45-5:15 PM)

CONCERT RUN IN ORDER Times are approximate - be early!

2:45 PM Wagner
3:00 PM Gould
3:10 PM Strauss
3:30 PM set change to Daugherty
3:40 PM Daugherty
3:55 PM set change to Reed and BREAK
4:15 PM Reed
4:45 PM End Rehearsal

(5:30-6:30 PM)

Legacy Hall

5:30-6:30 PM Dress rehearsal (spots in each piece)
7:15 PM Call time
:30 PM Concert begins (concert will be streamed on UStream)